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Unlock the Potential of R&D Tax Credits

Reclaim up to 35% or your development costs with the R&D tax credit “Forschungszulage” — every year.

What funding programs are available?

Zebra Embassy recommends starting your public funding journey with the Forschungszulage. After a successful application other, less certain funding programs can be explored.

Most popular program

The Forschungszulage program in Germany

  • High funding rate

    Reimburse up to 35% on personnel costs for funded projects. Claim a staggering €1+ million each fiscal year. Immediate cash payouts for non-profitable entities, ensuring liquidity.

  • Broad Spectrum

    Beyond just groundbreaking discoveries, Forschungszulage supports the experimental development core to most startups.

  • Retroactive Application

    Don't miss out on past opportunities. Projects initiated post-January 2nd, 2020, can be claimed for up to 4 years, irrespective of their current status.

Fictional Example of Annual Cost Reimbursements

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Project costs

Personnel costs (25% eligible)Personnel (25%)

Contractor costs (15% eligible)Contractors (15%)

Total refund






1.000.000€1 Mio. €




1.800.000€1.8 Mio. €



How it works

Our Seamless Application Process for startups

Public funding is not without its headaches. Partnering with Zebra Embassy will save you most and maximize your chances of success, with no risk.

Wondering if You Qualify for the Forschungszulage too?

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