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We’ve helped >250 clients receive >100m€ in public funding

Our Services #PublicFunding

Public funding consulting for tech companies

At the core of our public funding consulting service is the belief that every visionary deserves equitable access to resources, ensuring that dreams aren't thwarted by financial constraints.

Comprehensive insights into the funding landscape.

Expertise in navigating the complexities of funding applications.

Customized strategies tailored to each client's needs.

Ongoing support throughout the funding lifecycle.

Our services encompass a holistic approach, from identifying potential grants to ensuring efficient fund utilization post-acquisition.

Our Mission

Fuel a paradigm shift in the German startup ecosystem

By promoting the values and strategies inherent to Zebra companies, we envision a landscape where collaboration trumps competition, where innovation is inclusive, and where businesses thrive without sidelining ethics or sustainability.

Our mantra, "always be helpful," reflects our commitment to this cause. We're more than just consultants; we're advocates for a more cooperative, diverse, and innovative startup ecosystem.

Our Team

Run by startup founders and operators

Meet the dynamic team at the helm of Zebra Embassy: Stefan, Matthias, Philipp, and Pierre. Together, they blend vision with expertise to create the perfect foundation for our consultancy. Their dedication ensures we deliver exceptional value and unrivaled solutions to all our clients.

David Löwe

Co-founder & CEO

Zebra Embassy helped me to secure our first public funding.

I was skeptical because public funding seemed too unattractive and stressful to me. But ZE took all the pain out of it for us. They guided us through the process professionally and were incredibly economical and efficient with our time.

David Löwe, Co-founder & CEO at everdrop